Waterproofing Tanking
Waterproofing Tanking
Waterproofing Tanking

Waterproofing & Tanking

When it comes to ensuring your basement and cellar are protected against damp and water ingress, the two terms you probably come across the most often are waterproofing and tanking. But not many people know the difference between them. Here at ABS Basement Solutions, we offer both tanking and waterproofing and are here to let you know the difference between the two.


Basement waterproofing is more of a generic term and is used to describe the three main ways of keeping water from a basement or cellar. Some of the main ways to waterproof your basement include tanking, install a sump pump and by cavity drainage membrane systems. It is important to get a good analysis of the specific build as well as the level and type of damp in the basement or cellar in question.


Tanking uses a barrier method to ensure water is kept out of a bungalow or cellar. It is in the form of a slurry or membrane and ensures that the floors, walls and ceilings are protected from water. Without tanking your cellar or basement, water can pass through the wall carrying salts and minerals. As the walls are cold they can soon get condensation and this, in turn, could grow into a mould which is a health hazard. Tanking slurry is applied directly to damp walls and once it has dried it will form an impermeable waterproof barrier.

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