Waterproofing Systems
Waterproofing Systems
Waterproofing Systems

Waterproof Systems

Waterproof systems are integral for ensuring that your basement or cellar is waterproof. There are generally three main types of basement waterproofing systems and these are Barrier Protection, Structurally Integral Protection and Drained Protection.  We will analyse your basement or cellar and ensure that we use the correct waterproof system for your structure. The most common type is Drained Protection. Find out more about the three different types below:

Barrier Protection

As the name suggests, barrier protection systems are a traditional method of stopping water from permeating your space and essentially creates a barrier between external water ingress and the floor and walls or your space. 

Structurally Integral Protection

This type of waterproofing is generally adopted during the building stage of your cellar or basement. What it means is that a reinforced concrete with a method to control water ingress at the construction joints is put into place. This can stop the water ingress before it can occur.

Drained Protection

This is the most commonly used method and involves draining water away from a property using methods such as sump pumps, basement floor drainage systems and structural waterproofing membrane.

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