Does the basement/cellar at your property suffer from dampness or water ingress?

It’s often very difficult to ascertain the source of water ingress which occurs in basements and most basements/cellars suffer from some degree of dampness unless they have been treated effectively to address the problem.

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ABS Basement Systems can offer you various solutions for your wet basement problems. Our systems can be scalable meaning that with the correct early considerations at design stage you can start with a single component and upgrade over time.

If nuisance water ingress is a problem and our clients have no requirement to use the basement or cellar, we can install an automatic sump pump station from our range of specialist units that can be left to it’s own devices.

Cellar Damp Proofing: Sump Pump Stations and how they work

Sump Pump Stations can remove nuisance water from basements effectively, however in larger basements they are often installed with a discreet sub floor perimeter drainage channel which collects water at room perimeters and carries it to the sump location.

To provide dry basement wall and floor surfaces ABS Basement Systems fit a sealed Cavity Drainage Membrane System. The membrane system provides a robust inner lining which is impervious to damp and water vapour. New-build basement Projects often require different considerations than Refurbishment Basement Projects. Usually, more than one waterproofing system will be required for New-build Basements. We discuss this level of detail with our clients at the Design Consultation Stage

ABS Basement Systems offer a comprehensive waterproofing service which incorporates system design, installation and servicing.

Choose a Specialist for your Basement Waterproofing and experience true Added Value

As a responsible waterproofing contractor, David our Basement Surveyor & Basement Waterproofing System Designer holds the industry recognised qualification CSSW (Certificated Surveyor in Structural Waterproofing.

In addition, he has over 12-years of industry experience and specialist Basement Waterproofing Knowledge.

At ABS Basement Systems we only fit industry recognised, branded quality products supplied by Wykamol, Basement Systems and John Newton & Co. Our surveyor and installers have received comprehensive training provided by each of our suppliers in the effective use of their products.

Basement Waterproofing is a technical process and requires experienced consultation at design stage. ABS Basement Systems have often been recruited to prepare remedial specifications and carry out remedial specifications when clients and their builders have simply ‘got-it-wrong’ and resulted in extra costs to the client. We can ensure your waterproofing solution doesn’t cause this.

We can help you with the following services:

In broad terms our basement waterproofing service follows the following basic framework:

  • Site visit with client
  • Client consultation
  • Review of plans and relevant surveys
  • Design & specification of suitable system
  • Agree scheme with clients/architects
  • Install Waterproofing System
  • Flooring
  • Aftercare Service and Ongoing Service Agreement

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